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Types of Corporate Video: Pros and Cons of each

Updated: Jan 9

A corporate video is the most effective and efficient way to not only feature the business overview and introduction of a company, but also to create brand awareness.

The content of a corporate video include, but not limited to promoting the products and services and how they work, client testimonials, showcasing a space or technology of your business or just to show off the growth your business has made in the current year.

Here are several concepts that I would propose to my clients, each with a different objective and goal.


An interview style video consists of subjects, often the founder or staff of a company, talking about the business and how it works. Usually, a production house will pre-interview the company and have a better understanding of how the business works in order to prepare suitable questions to ask during the interview.

Content: Founder talking about how the company was founded, company mottos, current and future plans, staff explaining their products or services, client/user testimonials to reenforce the effectiveness of the products or services, success stories of your clients or staff

Objective: To provide a company overview, to promote recruitment, to showcase progress and motto of the company


- Consistent and effective

- No need to hire actors or build sets, which equals to lower production costs

- Straight to the point and able to include everything that your potential client needs to know


- Most likely will not go viral, only clients who already know about your products will watch it

- Highly dependent on the performance of the interviews and their stories, if their stories are not good, the video might not be great

Who is this for:

- If your company needs a overview video to showcase to potential clients, if you're tired of explaining what your company does

- If you have interesting stories of your staff or clients

- If you need a video on your website or to be used in events or conferences

- Anniversary celebrations, introduction of new services or products

Example of videos with INTERVIEW concept


A narrative style corporate video usually involves actors, scripted voiceovers/dialogues to deliver a powerful message that revolves around the branding of your company. A production house will be able to propose several treatments and ideas based on your message or goal.

Content: The great thing about narratives is it can be about anything and everything. The visuals are created based on the script, and the script is created based on the message of your objective. We can have renactment of troubled teens if your objective is to promote mental health in youth. We can film students thriving at school, accompanied by a strong message delivered by a voiceover.

Objective: Brand awareness, Branding, promote a specific product or services in a creative way


- Strong brand awareness, if this video looks expensive, it will make your brand look expensive

- Able to deliver strong and impactful messages

- Able to recreate just about any scene you want, with actors and locations/sets


- Limited to only a few messages, in fact, it is advised to only promote 1 product/service/message per video

- Longer planning and pre-production time

Who is this for:

- If your company has a company overview video already, and you want to create eye-catching videos to raise brand awareness, then this is for you

- If you're looking for shorter and more impactful way to reach to your clients

- If you have a branding campaign (ads, photos, banners) that needs video content

Example of videos with NARRATIVES concept

As you can see, I have categorised them into 2 major categories. Obviously, each of the categories can be broken down to sub-concepts such as "Tiktok/ Instagram reels, viral content, day in life, car commercial, celebrity commercial, TV commercial"

In order to really find out what will work best for your company, I suggest talking to a video production company. After all, consultation is free and you will only gain more insight.

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